C++ Delegates

    07 Jun 2019 - Reading time: 11 mins

    I’ve always really liked working with delegates in Unreal Engine 4. It’s so easy to use, works in various different ways and after a while of using them, I wanted to try to implement them myself. As you might know, it’s not straight forward at all to store and execute a method in a generic way in C++. A function pointer might be a solution but it’s not flexible as it’s very type-restricted and can’t have any extra data a lambda would have. The standard template library solved this by providing std::function<> which is sort of a more flexible and fancy function pointer. However, I’ve found that both function pointers and std::function are such a headache to work with!.

    A blog...?

    06 Jun 2019 - Reading time: 1 min

    I really like programming blogs and I love reading about how people learn from personal projects and share their thinking process, ideas and potentially implementation details. Just to name a few of many blogs in my bookmarks bar that are absolutely worth checking out: