A blog...?

06 Jun 2019 - Simon Coenen - Reading time: 1 min - Comments

I really like programming blogs and I love reading about how people learn from personal projects and share their thinking process, ideas and potentially implementation details. Just to name a few of many blogs in my bookmarks bar that are absolutely worth checking out:

There are loads of interesting blogs I check out once in a while but I always though making one myself wouldn’t be very interesting because many of the things I could write about are already touched upon many many times in other places and I don’t really feel like I could be committed to maintain it.

However, I’ve been working on a personal game engine and loads of other little projects and other things for a while now but I could never think of a way to present this in a good form to others because those things will never be “finished”. That’s why I thought a blog could be a great way to pick a few interesting things I’ve done and write about it. Besides, implementing something is one thing but by writing about it, you have to comprehend the subject much better as there will be gaps of information that will force me to research more.

I’m hoping for this to be a good little exercise moving forward. If there’s anything you don’t agree with, like to comment on or if you just like to reach out to me, always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, email or comment below.