Just the Two of Us

Brain’s Eden 2016


This game was made during Brain’s Eden, a 48 hours game jam in Cambridge, England. We were sent in two teams of each five people to represent Howest University. The theme was “Parity”. The game was shortlisted as one of the best 7 out of 33 games by Unity.

My work & roles

  • Interface
  • Menu interactions
  • Audio
  • Scene management


  • Working in a team of 5
  • Having very limited time
  • Using source control with Unity


Technology Used

  • Unity3D
  • Visual Studio
  • Adobe Photoshop

Project Details

Representing Digital Arts & Entertainment

Every year, the school picks a few top students to represent the school at Brain’s Eden. This year, together with 9 other students, I got the opportunity to do this. We made 2 teams of 5 people with a good balance of programmers and artists

The first team’s name was The Dangerous Arcade Elitists. The programmers were Thomas Kole, Leah Lindner and Thomas de Mulder. The artist side was covered by Nicolas Pirot and Ewout de Vos.

The second team, my team was called DA Eden. We had 2 artists: Samuel de Vos and Sander vander Meiren. I did the programming together with Jonathan Steyfkens and Leo van Steenkiste.

Brain’s Eden was an amazing experience and opportunity where I met great people from the industry.

About Brain’s Eden

Description from the Brain’s Eden website:

Brains Eden is the UK’s largest student games festival, held annually at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK and supported by some of the biggest games and technology companies in the world.

Brains Eden 2016 was our biggest event yet, with 165 students making some brilliant games around the theme of “Parity”.

To find out more, visit the Brain’s Eden official website

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