Game Assets

A set of 3D game ready assets I've created textured using the PBR metalness workflow.

Tech used:

Unreal Tournament 1V1 level

A level suited for 2-4 players created using modular 3D assets, using the Unreal Tournament Editor.

Tech used:

Mechanical Rigging

To get to know the process of rigging in 3ds max, I fully rigged a mech I modeled.

Tech used:

Particle FX using Cascade in Unreal Engine

Learning the Cascade particle editor in Unreal Engine 4 by adding VFX to an untextured scene.

Tech used:

3ds Max

Lancia Fulvia

High Poly Modeling

Lancia Fulvia - Mental Ray

A high poly car to learn the highpoly modeling workflow and realistic material creation and rendering. Rendered using Nvidia Mental Ray.

Tech used:

Cityscene, inspired by Annecy

A diffuse-only city scene inspired by Annecy, France.

Tech used: